Its been a week since he talked to me, text/call, im really sad!

and really I can't see him with some other girl even though he's not mine..i wish some day..i can only think that he's talking to other girl and forgot about me..does he know I'm crazy for him


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  • Did he stop talking to you or vice versa ? This girl I like stopped talking to me, she never replied to my text, been over a week now, but I feel better for it, even though I'd like to talk to her. Use this time to focus on yourself and make yourself better,stronger so even if he doesn't come back to you when you eventually move on your a stronger person which will attract more guys.

    • nooo he stopped but its not like I talk to him SAY hey what's up and he ignores me... that is one of the reasons y I don't wanna talk first..we are jus friends kinda...he just never talks to me its been almost a week and when he does text I will reply cause I like him! if idid not like him I wouldn't be texting sucks and I'm really sad about it I want him..i jus don't get it y he don't talk to me or jus tell me how.

      im sorry about the girl that has not texted you get a good girl

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    • Because if you just go running back he can have you when he wants you, so he won't want you, it sucks and you gotta ask yourself do you want to be with someone like that really, if yes then don't be too available or you'll be stuck in this position.

    • wow your good ha ha but yes you are right and I won't do that and that's the thing we didn't talk for months and I just said hey to him with my new # and stuff we saw each other once and yea prettty lame..but NO what your talking about running bak to him so fast I am NOT doing that ahah I barely talk to him or first at all till he does..n when he does I'm pretty short.but he ain't relly getting it and talking to me..out of all act like idc but really I do alot.he don't kno how crazy I am for him!

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  • if he wants to talk to you, he WILL. wait it out a little more. besides, you can't lose what was never yours in the first place

  • I had the same situation, I was hysterical when he didn't call, though we were just friends...stay cool...let him come to you.

    Don't let every thought be about him, put yourself into other things that make you happy...I know,I know it is hard, but the world does not revolve just around him.Don't ever let that happen, it will help you get past that time.