Did I do this right?

So this really cute guy was staring at me, and it was clear that he wasn't going to ask for my number so I went up to him and said exactly this:

"You're not going to ask for my number, so can I just give it to you?"

he seemed all excited and whatnot, and I gave it to him.

he hasn't called but that can be expected since it was last night.

Did I do it right?


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  • Ohdammnn, good one. I'd never have the balls to do that, lol. Sounds good, though.


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  • Sounds perfect... why doesn't this sort of thing ever happen to me? lol


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  • Of course you did it right! I really wish I was half as gutsy as you. Well done. I'm sure he will call, but just remember that he was a bit too shy to ask for it so he may be a bit hesitant in calling you. Just wait a little bit, and if he doesn't call or text then like bleepbloop said, if he doesn't its his loss so just keep on going with your life...

  • damn straight. a lot of guys do the whole 3-day rule, which is kind of cute. if he doesn't call or text, then its his loss. onto the next one