Don't you hate when you text your S/O and they don't text back for a while?

If they are at work, understandable.

If they are with their family, understandable.

If they are with their friends, understandable.

I just like to be updated throughout the day(s) of what's going on. I love her and appreciate when she texts me back. Or better yet calls. Even better & much more sweeter are the moments in person we meet.

Other than passively saying to yourself, oh you don't text me for a couple of hours, I'll make them wait an equal time or recognize that's stupid and try calling them but then they reject the notion because they are busy or let it go to VM

Any tips on dealing with the wait for the next text? Seriously feel co dependent... LOL

Thanks guys. It is frustrating but you are right. It takes some healthy space to make quality time together.


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  • Like you said before, if they're busy with something then obviously they won't be able to respond right away. And on the flip side of that, if she's home doing nothing then she may not have her phone right next to her constantly. I know when I'm home I usually have my phone plugged in the living room charging. And a lot of times I leave the room, so I won't notice when I get a text for awhile. Most people don't check their phones 24/7. Also, if she puts her phone on silent for work, she might forget to turn it back on when she leaves. So it could take her awhile to notice for that reason.

    Basically there are a lot of different factors for why she could be doing this. If it bothers you so much just talk to her about. If she seems uncomfortable with the discussion or vague in her reasoning for why she doesn't respond right away, then you might have a cause for concern. But until then I wouldn't worry about it much. The point is she DOES respond to you eventually right? At least you know she's not ignoring you.

    Also, I wouldn't suggest "making" them wait for a reply as long as you did. That's called game playing. Also, two wrongs don't make a right eh? When you get the message, respond. Treat others the way you want to be treated... Maybe she'll be more inclined to keep on top of her phone respond right away when she sees that you always do.

    • Great advice. I just love her so much and want to communicate with her as much as possible. It's so hard being away from her. I work a very flexible job and she's in a 8-5/6 job depending on what has to be done (salary). She does respond and is very responsive in general. When we got together she didn't have a job and we spent 7 monthes (graduated from school and looking for a job) together non-stop. Now, she has a job and I'm happy for her. We've been together 14 m now.Just hard I guess

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  • Chill out! If you know she loves you, don't worry. You are sounding needy and that's not going to make her text you anymore often or faster! I know it's irritating, but that's just how some people are. I'm a really slow texter myself.

    • this is true and when we are on Gmail together, she does gchat. I want to spend every moment in time with her and you're right. I do feel needy and I hate it. I've got to not get her out of my mind but at least function by focusing on other things (hard with ADD...) Anyways, txs for the advice

  • It's understandable no matter what... It's just a text, I understand if he's away from his phone or he doesn't see it go off or something. Space is healthy.

    Just get busy doing something else so you're not thinking about it.

    • Its good that I'm on here and expressing how I feel. I'm staying busy and not worrying about it (or at least at the moment). Space is healthy. Txs for the advice

  • This is annoying as hell.. Maybe she doesn't want to have her phone glued to her hip all the time. My boyfriend flips when I don't text back and I get so irritated.. Some space is necessary for a healthy relationship sometimes.. This means I don't have to carry my phone to the kitchen to cook, or in the basement to sort fold and do laundry.. Relax dude.

    • Good point. I don't expect her to keep the phone glued to her at all times. I think the most of the time when I tell her I'm in a meeting then she doesn't want to interupt me from my workflow either. Its just I want to spend more quality time with her. Its difficult being away from the one you love. Thanks. I'll take a chill pill

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  • "I just would like to be updated throughout the day" lol sounds like a Twitter ad or Facebook ad.

    Seriously dude aren't you a bit overreacting here? I'm sure there're LOADS of things you could do until the so-called "next text" - there's the computer, the pub, or the gym, I'm sure there're plenty of other venues to keep you entertained.

    'May be wrong but I have a sneaky feeling that you are getting a bit too intimate too quickly and she isn't reciprocating.

    • Good advice bro. Its been difficult adjusting to her going to work. She graduated from grad school and took several monthes to get a job. We met as she was finishing her thesis and had lots of time together. Non stop we were together. We've been together 14 months and the first 7 were non stop. You would think I would have gotten over this by now. She knows how I feel because I've mentioned I resent her job but that is ridiculous in of itself. I just miss her. Feel like I'm hormonal lol

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