She never texted me. What's going on with her?

I met this girl a while ago and I thought we got on great. We flirted a lot and she asked for my number.

We texted a good amount after, but I was usually too nervous to text her first. I have to admit that the last few times she texted me I didn't answer because I was busy.

I recently got a new phone and put up a Facebook status asking people to text me so I could have their numbers and she never texted me.

Whats up with her?


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  • YOU, you could have texted her when you were no longer busy. She felt she was doing all the chasing. If you want her number send her a Facebook message, not wall post but a message, explain things to her. It seems like your last and only chance.


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  • Well since she was the one to make the first move and asked for your number, the ball is your court now! Send her a message or comment on her page! ANYTHING to get her thinking about you again she probably wants you to step up now! supposing that you guys are friends on fb. Just try it! what do have to loose it's just fb!

  • If you never texted her first and didn't text her back the last few times, why should she bother texting you again? She probably thinks you are no longer interested. Well, that's what I would think. YOU should send a text now :) !


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