Always seen as just a friend?

I need some advice/opinions here.

I'm always told that I have a great heart, and have so much to offer, yet I'm finding it very difficult to find a relationship.

All the people I date tell me that, but they always say they don't want to go steady with me, or tell me that I'm just going to be a really good friend.

I just wish someone would appreciate what I do, and would want to be in a relationship with me.



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  • Usually it's the case that you hold a lot of the good foundation qualities for a relationship, but you're missing the attraction qualities that make women want to turn it into a romantic relationship. Looks, confidence, masculine qualities.

    It's very similar to if you knew a women who was very sweet, fun, honest, down to earth, but was obese or had some other physical quality that made you unattracted to her. She has lots of great qualities that you'd want in a relationship and she'd probably make a great girlfriend, but it doesn't change the fact that you're just not attracted. You see her as a friend, not as a girlfriend

    I don't mean to compare you to a horribly ugly person, I have no idea what the issue is since I don't know you. It probably has something to do with confidence/other masculine qualities if you're at least getting the first date. But the point I'm making is that you need to have both, you need to have the good foundation qualities AND the attractive qualities. Attraction is what separates a friend from a lover.


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