Kiss on the cheek?

I give all my female friends a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. Don't know why I do this, but I do it often.

Recently, a girl told me that it was a sign I digged her as more than a friend. I like her and I think she's attractive, but she's not my type and I know she needs a guy that's more in to the things she's in to.

Plus, all my guy friends give me this look that says "What the hell are you doing?" every time I do it.

I've been told that a kiss on the cheek represents respect, but does it represent more?

Also, should I stop doing this?


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  • I'm German so I'm used to the whole kissing on the cheek thing.

    I say just keep on doing it. First off I get free kisses back from my girl-friends and it makes it a lot easier for potential girlfriends to break the ice. Your friends might look at you like you're nuts but in the end their just jealous that they don't have the persona to do that.


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  • It depends.

    Culture wise, I know that hispanics and europeans do this as a sign of respect, you kiss people when you meet and when you leave. I think a girl should make the move if she wants to kiss the guy on the cheek, but if she just met that person, I think it's highly unlikely she would. It's not really the norm within our culture here in the states. I wouldn't want a guy I just met kiss me, but I have had friends that I've known for a while do this after I hadn't seen them for a while.and these were friends I grew up with.

    Since you were saying you're friends with these girls I guess it depends on how long you've known them. If you aren't really good friends with these girls, then I think you should probably stop.

    Hope that made sense!


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  • 1 stop kissing on the cheek 2 tell her that you'r not interested in her .

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