Is it me or is it her?

So back in senior year of high school there was this cute girl in my math class and we would talk at the end of class a lot but we never really talked out side of that. Then we lost touch over the summer but I found her on Facebook and we started talking through that, and I got her number and we started texting (I just feel it would be awkward to call her because we haven't even hung out really yet, even though I much rather talk than text) and every time I bring up the idea of us hanging out or getting a meal together she always seems down for it but then last minute comes up with an excuse and flakes out. I feel really stupid to keep trying. but I just don't understand what it is I did. It's not like I wanted to get with her first time hanging out. I just wanted to get to know her better, see if we could be friends first and see where it went from that. So, is it me or is it her? (I don't really know what category to put this under.)


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  • It's her if she flakes on you meeting up. I think she might just not be interested in hanging out with you. Why not just ask her if she is interested in going out? See if she gives you a straight up answer or not.

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