Angry at my boyfriend!

OK, so a couple of things happened recently and I am really upset. Yesterday, he was reluctant to take me with him to a meeting with friends, cause he said that a friend of his who doesn't like me will be there and she will be upset when she sees me and ruin the evening for everyone. What's up with that? Who should care about some immature bitch having problems with her emotions?

Also, he posted a photo of his naked ass on Facebook that his friend took when they were on a canoe trip. It was all jokes and stuff, but putting it on Facebook, hello? Did you consider I wanna be the only one who gets to see your arse?

There are those little things that build up, I could go on, but those are the ones that I am most angry about. Wrrr!

Btw of course there are good things between us, I just write about the problematic stuff. I'm afraid that if I confront him, he'll somehow make me think the allegations are silly, like I'm too tense and none of those are big things. I feel that if they seem big to me, that is what they are.

Didn't mention I found out he lies to me...


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  • Um, I understand you being mad at him for the girl. But you also have to realize that he has to balance you and his friends. iving up his social life for you wouldn't be fair to him. And in regard to the ass pic, I thikn you need to stop being so high strung a pic of him mooning with his friends is a joke. It wasn't his penis, if so that's kinda gay if he was with his friend lol. But I mean let him live a little if you smother him he is just gonn feel suffocated and leave. If it truly bothers you, you should tell him. ButI think you should pick and choose your battles. These just seem silly.

    • Well stated, Olivia. :)

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    • I don't wanna see he bastard. And yet, he is that person of mine that I want to hug most when I have problems. I am so hopeless and I can see it clearly. What I do not observe anywhere around is a reasonable solution, in which I don't just sit back and take it all not turn out to be a total bitch and a fool.

    • If you just talk to him I think it will solve things. but guys are different then girls so try your best to be calm. And instead of going outside of the relationship to get every other girl's opinion. Just talk to him the best that can happen is you work things out and he now understands where you are comming from. The worst that can happen is you break up more quickly. If you continue to let all of these things fester you are going to explode one day. You sound like me so just get it over with.

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