Spending time together means something, right?

I met this guy about two months ago but we just started talking a lot and hanging out a lot the past month or so. He would always message me on aim and we'd talk for hours everyday. He's always inviting me to his apartment to watch movies or play guitar hero and I've gone once, and slept over.

It was totally innocent and it felt like we were just friends, but there's also quite a bit of what I think is flirting going on. He's mentioned a girlfriend only very few times and all those times I wasn't sure exactly what he said and I've heard he's the type who doesn't really talk about that stuff.

But if he hangs out so much with me, he can't have a girlfriend right? I really like him but I have no idea where I stand. People tell me to ask him straight up, but it's too scary!


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  • From what you said it seems like he likes you. But if he says he has a girlfriend and he is spending all this time with you then I think that you should really talk to him and see where you guys stand! Don't be scared!! Just talk to him it'll all turn out the way it's meant to.