Is he flirting with me?

My friend and I hung out with one of our guy friends from college. We were all hanging out at a party having a good time. I texted him to let him know I had fun hanging out with them and good night. He responds saying he had fun as well and then sent another text saying, "We definitely do need to do it some time soon! I'd be glad to!" Then he says, "I mean hanging out that is." Why would he even say that to begin with?

Same guy and I hung out again and kissed and had a good time. Is he interested or just looking for a hook up? He did say he wants to see me again, but I haven't heard from him.


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  • The guy enjoys your company and wants to see you again. The potential is there for him to like you and date you. But this just means he would like to get to know you better and find out if the potental is there. So whatever your doing its working and a few more hangouts and ill believe he will ask you out. So you definitly caught his attention. Keep it up.


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  • ooh I know this one!

    He texted you we gotta do it (IT) sometime soon!

    The he thought Oh god, I hope she didn't take it that way!

    Then he wrote I mean hanging out, just for your comfort and not thinking of him as a guy who only wants sex!

    Hes a good guy keep in touch with him!

    Blessed Be, and Gooooodluck!

    <3 Kamille

  • Because 'do it' can mean different things.

    I'd say there hasn't been enough interaction between you two to judge whether or not he's serious, but he's definitely interested.

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