First date with a girl, advice?

I've been seeing a girl for two weeks, we have been talking on the phone, but I'm planning on treating to her to lunch.

I was going to take a single red rose and a box of chocolate...

Girls, do you think this too full on?


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  • if you're sure she likes you back, then I suggest you keep it simple and just go with the 1 rose. not the box of chocolates


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  • tooo full on damn...jus maybe neither but rose..not chocho...wat the hell its not feb 14...nor anniversary

    • I thought it would be a sweet gesture...u girls are so hard to understand!

    • Lol I know your so right I'm sorry

      we girls LOVE that stuff no joke..but I jus thought box of chocolate was too much.

      have a nice time on your date :)

  • I would buy her a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne! Works on me every time lol


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