If I haven't seen my friend in a long time, should I hang out before asking her out on a date or just do it?

Last time we saw each other was about two months ago

PArt of me wants to go ahead and get it over with but another part of me wants to wait cause I look pretty different than I did then and the last time we hung out one on one was nearly a year ago

And I've been turned down by her before, but that was about a year ago too and I think I only was cause she was pretty much dating someone else at the time. Would she have a reason to turn me down on just a date? Not even dating each other, but just giving me a chance?

Since I've asked befoer and it didn't work, is there anything I could like say or whatever to help me?


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  • I would say hang out with her first because she may have changed a bit as to how you remember her. Also if you get some decent clothes on, Nice deodorant, Gel your hair a little bit, Basically make the effort to look nicer, She'll be more likely to say yes.

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