Is it possible to get a guy and keep him from a dating site?

I am really starting to resent men because of guys from dating sites. I don't go to clubs or bars so I have found it easier by trying to get know someone online...needless to say I have dated one guy from a dating site. I'm actually looking for commitment...longterm...but they all seem to be liars, not consistent, don't call back for who knows what reason, I'm not small enough,never get past a phone conversation,etc. I'm not aggressive, I don't come on too strong, don't stalk or call them too much...i mean what's wrong with me. I have been single 4 yrs...its starting to really stress me out...i have never had such a hard time and Haven't been single this long. I'm starting to feel really insecure and dispise men...i don't like myself...just don't know what to do...someone please give me advice.


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  • I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. It's women too. It's not about gender as much as the mentality of the dating sites - it's like shopping for a date and when you don't like one you can just go back and try another. Hell one of them is called plenty of fish which is practically saying "you can always change your choice as many times as you want".

    The problems I've had with women are that they get frustrated if I don't try anything beyond kissing after a couple dates. I'm also looking for something long term, and don't get me wrong, I love sex, but there's plenty of time for that once I have actual feelings for her. Others have just been borderline crazy. I went out with one last month who told me she really really liked me and two days later just randomly cut off all contact. That's happened before too.

    Yeah, frankly the experience is making me hate women pretty much. But I know I have to keep in mind guys do a lot of this stupid sh*t too. It's our generation and culture. We are surrounded by players and selfish assh*les.


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