Dating guy from online site but still checking his profile everyday?

Question is basically as above, I've been talking to and dating a guy I met through an online site for almost four weeks now. We seem to get on great and he seems to be really into me, compliments asking to see me again whilst on the date etc. But a friend is on the same dating site, has a look and he's still logging in everyday. ...even on a day he'd cancelled due to not being able to get outa bed due to being ill

What do you people think? I mean, we haven't actually mentioned the site since we've been meeting up and now don't use it to talk to each other at all..just texts and calls. I'm not going to tell him I know he's been on there every day as psycho alert would probably start going.

Just how long until I could broach/ask if he's still messaging people or responding to messages?

Thanks in advance!

Well, he's been saying how he wants us to be wanting each other every time we meet etc (nothing has happened) I've said how I want it but just don't like the thought of him getting other people he's meeting/talking to from the site to feel the same. Response - no problem, we won't talk about it again.


Freaked him out now I know


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  • /agree with Quadrophinic84

    I can only comment on own experience.

    I've recently met someone on a site, only had 1 date sofar but I think she is great, still early days and I don't really know what might happen. Even if I wasn't so busy with work and other things, I wouldn't want to continue using the site to meet new people. I'd like to see how things go with the girl I've met first.

    The site I'm using doesn't email me when I get a message, so I log in quite often to see if anyone has messaged me, so that I can politely tell them I want to see what happens with the girl I've met.

    That's just me though, couldn't keep up with more than one anyway, think I'd go nuts, lol.


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  • You don't really have a right to do that until you two have a conversation where you agree you're now in an exclusive relationship and you're taking down your profiles.


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  • I had the same problem and its hard. I was seeing this guy on/off for a few months and I met him online but I still knew he was checking his profile daily.

    We've ended things now because he only wanted friends with benefits and I wanted a relationship. In my opinion, I think he's keeping his options open. Its not exclusive between you yet so he's still talking to other girls. I know its hard because it sounds like you have stopped being online] looking for someone else because you like him. That was the same for me, I met him and didn't want to talk with anyone else.

    I would wait until you are officially together and if he's still doing it then, then hey its your right to ask him why he's still online but I suppose as of now .. he's just being a player and keeping his options open.

    • it is hard, and I wouldn't expect him to be just talking to me, as in general he does have a lot of female friends.

      It's just hard the fact that he seems to be genuine in the whole liking me thing, rather full on actually but then I'm finding it hard to believe he is the genuine guy he's portraying because of the going on the dating site everyday.

      It also makes me wonder if he is dating other women at the same time, so much harder being online as if we'd met in person I wouldn't know about half

  • I am dating this guy I met online and we started off reall strong... we talked about being exclusive.. on the first few weeks dating I sometimes go online and see him there and at one point I tried to break up with him right there and then... I took my pictures down after 3 of our relationship to show him that Im serious about him and not interested in talking to anyone else... meanwhile his pictures were still on but I never pushed him or asked him to take them down but he did eventually that day... I told him that I was very clear with what I want and if he doesn't feel the same way and still wants to talk to other people then go ahead but Im not gonna be there waiting for him... I told him I don't want to waste my time and yours so make up your mind...
    Its been a week now since he took his pictures down and I really thought that he stopped going there but he still does... Tonight I had this gut feeling that somethings wrong and usually Im right so I opened my account and he's on... I texted him before that and asked him why he's so quiet he told me he was busy all day and still have more things to do so no time to be noisy... now.. what am I suppose to think... I don't know... maybe I should move on... any opinions?

  • that's just what happens when you meet someone online

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