She's my girlfriend now, do I STILL need to play those "dating games"?

I am normally very good with "the dating game" and I make myself very busy and very desirable and a bit of a mystery. But once I get the girl and get into a relationship I seem to let that go and become needy like a woman lol. I have been dating my girlfriend for 2 months. She has a very shy, laid back personality and is a very fun chill woman. When we first met like all relationships we texted/called almost all day and night. Now that we have been dating for a few months It seems that she is more comfortable and doesn't text/call me as much as the start. I have been known to over think things WAY TO MUCH! I basically want to know if I should still play those small dating games, since I am the man in the relationship I don't want to be the one texting and calling her every time, and be up her ass like I am being. She has become more laid back with responding and texting while I am still at full speed. Don't get me wrong she texts me, and calls like a regular healthy relationship should contact each other but I get all crazy when I reach out to message her and she doesn't respond for a few hours..How can I flip it back were she is doing most of the reaching out? Also am I just being a big woman!? ha ha If I don't hear from her for a few hours I always over think things, but 9/10 she is just busy doing something then again this is hard is it to send a simple text saying "hey hun I'm busy talk later"


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  • @become needy like a woman

    it impossible for you to ask your question without demeaning women? is there a reason you have to try to undermine women to get a point across about yourself?

    I do not understand why people can't you just say what you have to say without turning everything into a gender issue. what about pure moral integrity regardless of genitalia?

    how does this protect you.

    • please get a life lol

    • Exactly how is asking you to explain ignorance made public- not having a life?

      Its a public post, I asked a public question. Which it appears you are incapable of answering. I would think an adult, would at least be able to stand by their own words. Really.

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  • Just talk to her about it. Maybe she wants space. Or maybe she doesn't, but doesn't think you mind if she doesn't text you back right away. But you should talk about it so you can clear up any potential misunderstandings.

  • tbh, I think what your doing is great, cause girls love when guys text first, and reply fast & it makes them feel wanted & loved :) & dw, your not acting like a "big women" your acctually doing a good thing and all guys should bee like you :D JUST SAYIN' hahah.

    also, maybee she doesn't want to seem so clingy, and or desperate. but tbh, you shouldn't worry too much about alll this, she still replys, and calls you and at the end of the day that's truley all that matters! :]

  • If you have to play games with your partner, then how will the two of you ever learn to trust & confide in one another? You two should be a partners, not enemies at war against each other.


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