Have you ever had any "vag blocking" moments? Another questioned aimed at the ladies preferably.

I know typically that is a popular term coined amongst men, but we women go through similar or like situations. As I have mentioned too many times before, I'm a virgin and have never been kissed. I understand this may seem rare, weird, or a lost modest valued art, but I assure you it is not, and every now and then, I feel sad and become anxious over this. I envision my first time: special, spontaneous, wild, long, and romantic, but in reality, I fear something annoying or awful will put the cabash on this or ruin a good night. Such as, getting your period or having a gargoyle fall on your head. Ladies has any of this ever happened to you during your first time, first kiss, honey moon, or with a guy you were dating? Any advice on how to explain this to your mate or better yet make a inconspicuous debonair move on a guy, especially a shy quiet guy, without seeming aggressive or awkward? All audiences and experiences are welcomed.



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  • I was at my best friend's fourth of July BBQ last year, and her brother had one of his best friends there,too. So this adorably nerdy guy (who happens to be friends with my friend's brother ) and I are flirting and its getting dark, so the glow sticks come out. every time I talked with this guy, the brother twirled glow sticks between us in a very grumpy manner not befitting the awesomeness of luminescent sticks. he tried his best to block, but love prevailed and now silly ol' brother has to deal with me being his buddy's squeeze ;)

    so not a complete block, but certifiably an attempt.

    • aww, I'm happy for you, but a part me kind of feels sad for the brother haha. Thanks, Good luck!

      Jamaica Outttttt

    • Thanks!

      and her brother's gotten over it because it means he hangs out with his friend more- they go to different schools, but I'm always at my besties house so he is pretty much,too. And don't worry, where not the PDA type, so no ones too grossed out :-D

    • oh, good haha. I would feel bad if the poor guy was still taking the news hard.

      Jamaica Outttttt

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  • Every time one of my boyfriend's friends calls him up and tells him they're playing video or table top games, he's off.

    • So he ditches you?

    • Well, only sort of. He ditches me in the sense that I get "vag blocked", but I usually get brought along with to play (if I like the game) or drink and keep the other girlfriends company.

    • Tell him if he wants to get laid, that he better stop twindling his thumbs on that console controller with his friends or else you will find a man to play with instead. What is it with grown ass men and videogames? Women and videogames should never be a toss up, fyi for all the dumb ass guys who are clueless to this. Damn! Good luck honey and put your foot down!

      Jamaica Outtttttt

  • there was a guy I liked in high school that I told my so called friend about. I had the biggest crush on him and confided it to her. well it turns out he thought I was pretty and was interested but she told him I had a boyfriend.

    • aww, I'm sorry girl. Can't trust these weak ass vicious heffas disguised as women out here! You reap what you sow darling, she'll get hers.

      Jamaica Outttttt

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