Is it bad if my friend doesn't always reply to my texts or answers my calls?

Like, we can talk just if one one week but then I try to text or call her like three or four times the next and she never gets back to me

We're just friends now but I'm trying to take things further. I have no problems like calling the crap of my other friends but she's different since I don't wanna like push my luck >_>


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  • I think it is alright to text her more than one, just be careful not to annoy her. So don't text her more than 3 times a day if she doesn't answer, she might be busy or she just simply don' know what to text you back. Ohh and NEVER text a sad face ( :( ) to her if she doesn't answer your text. that is really annoying. I hope that helped :)

    • what about calling?

      Like I called last night but didn't get a reply. Normally, I would wait like two or three days but would it be alright tonight?

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    • try it again later :) maybe she was busy

    • I want to but I mean, last night, I left her a voicemail saying to call me back and didn't get a reply, and neither did I get a text back last night either like when I texted her a question an hour later :/

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  • Yes...she should be willing to talk to you sometimes...doesnt sound like she wants to pursue you.

    • She is a lot of the times, liek we were talking yesterday morning just fine. Texted her yesterday night to continue the conversation, but didn't get a reply

      Called her today just to talk, got her voicemail and then I had a question that only she can answer (has to do with an interest that we share), so I texted her that but haven't got a reply

      We talk just fine a lot but sometimes, she doesn't get back to me :/

    • I don't know...b/c I have guy friends that do the same I just take it as they are not as interested so I just back off some and wait untill she calls u...that's what I do sometimes and if not just try not to worry about it easier said than done

    • The thing is with all my other friends, I don't have a problem with like calling or texting them multiple times through the day, but with her, I'm afraid of doing that cause I'm afraid of annoying her

      It sucks. I can text one of my friends like 10 times a day but if I text her once and she doesn't reply, I'm nervous about doing it again :/

      would it be a problem?

  • Maybe you should try it tomorrow. I am not sure what happened to her. But I think it is too much for today, slow it down. But really I have no idea why doesn't she answers you back. :(


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