I will never understand...why do guys say one thing and mean another?

This guy and I have been best friends for about three years now. We dated, but it's in the past. He has this girl that he's on and off with, and she hates me (understandable, because I did date him).

He talks to badly about her, and she manipulates him and hurts him, but then suddenly he's like "I need her back, we need to stop talking..."

And I was like please don't go, because I care and yes I do still love him. But then he was like "I'll talk to you soon, or at least I'll try."

So yes, I understand, I'm not in the healthiest friendship at this point, please don't lecture me. Just tell me what is running through his head, and why he wants to be in a crazed relationship like that, especially if he talking badly, and she's no good, AND why did he say he wouldn't talk to me now he is going to.



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  • I have a friend who was in the guy side of nearly this exact same problem. He once dated a friend and his girlfriend was really jealous of that girl. When he says that he needs to stop talking to you it means that he wants to talk to you, but he (possibly) values the relationship with his girlfriend more. My friend ended up breaking up with his girlfriend because she hated his friend so much and he couldn't stand not talking to her.

    This friend of yours is obviously in a complicated situation and is trying to sort his emotions out. He is trying to choose between love and friendship, which one he feels can survive the bad end of this mess. All you can do is, if he goes for the girlfriend, be there for him when they eventually break up.


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