What is a turn-off for you guys when it comes to women? Don't hold back; whether it's: minute, huge, or silly?

I once read in an interesting article that men and women break up with each other for different reasons. The article stipulated that women break up with men for only a few reasons: security, not feel safe, protected, loved, pretty much emotional reasons, although these are generic reasons, and there are exceptions, of which probably are umbrella reasons from the aforementioned, but interestingly enough, that same article also stipulated, that men break up with women for 50 other reasons: ranging from sex, another woman, to a bunion on her pinkie toe. That actually surprised me as outlandish? So men, is this true, and If so, why? What's going on, and what advice, if any, would you like to share with us ladies? Is it sometimes you and not the woman? Also, for the good men out there, what advice would you have to offer to your brethren, that would benefit the good women out here who intend on dating them? Thanks, and as usual, all audiences are welcomed. :)


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  • I am divided upon what turns me off. However, being that I am a bit of a shy guy, I have not expressed it unless confronted with the situation. Nevertheless, My turnoffs are as follows:

    Side 1: Lack of respect, Loud, Arrogant, Usage of improper grammar, Bad hygene, Lack of reasoning capacity, Unambitious tendancies, Low self esteem, laziness (I work out, and would be damned if she does not work out as well), greed, no sense of candor (must be honest, even if it is thought honesty may hurt my feelings), and General qualities that equates to poor education.

    Side 2: Large boobs (Frankly for aesthetical reasons), Large buttockss (Likewise, unattractive to me), Her waist being more than 85% the size of mine (I have a 32 inch waist, and for a woman to have a waist more than 27 inches is unattractive to me), Taller than me (I am short... LOL I am 5'5"... Taller woman would be awkward... I tried that.), Bushy pubes (honestly, I don't require she be saven or waxed, but 70's p*rno look is unsatisfactory... At least trim the damn thing, LOL), Fake hair, Wigs, Fake nails, fake eyelashes, And finally being overweight.

    I know, I have quite a list, but due to my experiences, I can say without a doubt what is a turn off for me.

    I dated a taller woman and it was awkward. I have no type of erectile dysfunction, but when propositioned by a woman that was larger than me, I remained flacid. Large boobs are just not attractive to me. And most of the things that are on side 1 are just intolerable.

    • agree with almost everything on this list... large buttocks, large boobs, being overweight and having bushy pubes...these are at the top of the list.

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  • I consider breaking up when I find out:

    - She tells big lies

    - She promises a lot of things but rarely delivers

    - I feel I'd be happier alone than being with her

    - She never works on any plan for her own life

    - She is overly selfish and it's always about what she wants

    - She treats other people like crap

    - She is a big emotional mess or a daily negative and depressive person

    - She never learns from her mistakes

  • I can't imagine that being true. I wouldn't break up with a girl over such a small thing. But my turns offs would have to be girls who don't have good table manners, girls who wear slutty outfits, girls who plaster their face with make-up so that it looks like some kind of mask and girls who you can't have a decent convo with, without them sticking their tongue down your throat after 2 minutes of meeting them. <---- true story btw

    I also must add that a unfit body is also a turn off to me.

  • Being super possessive and clingy so that I feel like I am being smothered. and not wearing sexy bras and panties - this is critically important!

  • Obnoxious and loud. Insulting. Mean. Self-centered. Fake. Flaky. Gamer. Bad teeth. Ignorant. Dumb.

    Advice to a man if he finds a good woman? Win her and keep her and treat her well. There aren't a whole lot of them. Don't be nitpicky.

    • I like your Comment!

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    • How come? Did you become bored with her or something?

      Jamaica Outttttttt

    • I would have to agree with you about your second paragraph, dude... I regret losing my exfiancee and have punished myself for almost 10 years for that. She was what some would say my "soul mate". We enjoyed the same crap, and it was the best damn relationship I ever had with a woman. Worst part, she was the only relationship sex was not involved... Her beliefs absolutely prohibited sex without marriage. Remained a virgin until she got married.

      Most of the first I agree with as well.

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  • Of course that isn't true. I mean.. I hope it isnt! I have my fits every now and then. But when you love each other you just don't care about that.