Why is he suddenly talking to me again?

I have a friend and I've known him for 8 years now.we used to date and text from time to time. I had a boyfriend back then anyways... that's why we weren't seeing or talking that much but I liked him a lot and I know he feels the same way.

anyhow,I got married 4 years ago and had a kid but my husband and I just can't get along well and we Haven't been living together for maybe 2 months.

one time, he saw me online and asked for my number and now we are texting again. what a great timing, huh? I'm really wondering if he have someone telling him about my husband and me because he had a lot of time to ask me my number but why is it just now?

anyways, I don't know but why is he talking to me again? does he like me still or what?


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  • i think it's just a coincidence