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A guy I'm talking to spontaneously wanted to take me out today. I said yes, but then I really wasn't sure. He's older and I'm about 4 years younger than him. Before he is supposed to come and pick me up, I call to say that I can't go anymore because my mom isn't letting me. He hangs up on me and then texts me saying that I'm a liar and to delete his number. This is the second time I've changed my mind but for good reason. And he's been asking me out for about two or three weeks. Should I do as he says and delete his number? Do you think he's just angry and will get over it a little later? Was I in the wrong or is he? And just a little more info, I have never really met him before which Is why I was being so paranoid about letting him come pick me up. We met on Face book. Help?

To the people that responded, THANK YOU. Your answers honestly helped a lot and made me realize how stupid my decision would have been.


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  • Strike one: You're under 18, and this guy is over 18 (with a four-year difference). While I think age differences can be okay once both people are legal adults, I think this situation at these ages is difficult.

    Strike two: You've never met him in person, only on Facebook. And you were initially having him pick you up at your home instead of meeting him in a very public place. Bad idea.

    Strike three: His reaction. While you should have been upfront about why you couldn't hang out, life happens, and anyone who flies off the bat like that, especially when you've never even met, sends up red flags.

    Forget about him. Even if the first two items worked themselves out, anyone who is that easily upset, as early in the "relationship" as this is, won't get any better as things move along.


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  • He's older than you, and it says you're under 18. Guys that much older than you are usually only after one thing. I say stick to your decision and don't meet up with him. You don't know he is who he says he is since you met him on Facebook. Just move on. Try dating someone your age, that goes to your school.

  • I think you're wrong for not being honest about being apprehensive, but the fact that he's reacting so hostile over it is worrying. He seems a little unstable and he' from the internet? I'd lose his number. I've had a lot of close calls with guys from the net and one time it wasn't close, I was raped. If you feel weird about it go with your instinct. You're young, you'll met plenty of guys, you don't need to mess around with an older guy who gets pissed when you don't want to come out. Let that go.

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