Can I turn a friends with benefits situation into a relationship?

Okay so I’m a 27 year old woman and he’s a 27 year old man. He’s a law school graduate and I’m in my last year of law school. We met 3 years ago at a party in LA, where we’re both from, but nothing ever came from that (we exchanged numbers and never conversed). Fast forward 3 years, he finds me on Twitter and we realized that we had both moved to the same state. We met up and had a great dinner and bowling date. Came back to my house and he told me he wanted to be honest about the fact that he’s seeing someone off and on from LA. I didn’t care because I was FRESH out of a relationship. We hooked up then I didn’t see him again for a month, when we went on a date and hooked up again. Now another month later, we’ve both been in LA visiting family. I blew him off for the first couple of weeks because I’m looking for something serious and I don’t want to play around (remember he told me two months ago that he was seeing someone). Anyway, he was persistent so I agreed. Our first LA date was a double date with his brother and sister-in-law. We did not hookup that night. Over the next two days he invited me out but I declined. I gave in the third time and we went on a nice little date with drinks and hookah. This time I spent the night at his place. Over the next few days we repeated (date and sleepover) the last sleepover turned into a beach day. However, it’s been two days now and I haven’t heard from him. Does this seem like I’m just a booty call or is there potential here? Like I said, I don’t want to play around and waste my time.
Can I turn a friends with benefits situation into a relationship?
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