Need advice please?

My guy and i have been together for a couple of weeks.. and now he’s trying to brush me off because of something i have no control over.

My aunt is his ex’s neighbor. My aunt is also the biggest gossiper we know. I do know he has been going to his exs house to pick things up (tires, tools, his bike) and he keeps telling me he knows they’re going to start filling my head with junk and I’m going to get upset. I’ve told him we know how her (aunt) and her family are and we pay them no mind- and that I fully trust him as long as he assures me there’s nothing going on.. but he tells me no - because he “knows me” and knows I’ll believe them eventually. One minute He tells me he misses me but he insists on being friends and doesn't want to stop talking to me. I’ve told that if he doesn’t want to make things work with me, then I refuse to communicate with him. I don’t believe in being friends with my exs because i don’t want to become a friends with benefits. His last long text to me was- “i miss you, you're the perfect girl and i wish i of would’ve met you sooner. But i don’t want to hurt you or for you to get disappointed with me. I have a lot of problems right now and i dont want them to become yours. Right now I’m at my lowest and i have nothing to offer you.” I’ve thought about cutting complete communication with him because I feel like he’s stringing me along, but I caught feelings and i DO want to make things work- i just dont know how. 🙄 need pointers?

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Need advice please?
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