What should I do am facing years in jail after a girl I dated lied about her age?

So am facing 15 years in jail Becuase a girl I dated for 5 months lied about her age... I had zero idea she was 17 becuase she's look and acts 23 years old and isn't even in high school. I also find out she did this too 3 other men 2 of then are also waiting for fedral charges 1 was left go after refusing to talk with cops since I didn't have enough poof to hold him. I on the other hand admit to everything once they told me her age thinking it would be dropped but sadly not.

My laywer says we can get the statements I made thow out but we been waiting 32 months just to get discovery. My lawyer also said if I can get my medical records they won't be able to trail me as a sex offender but I been unable to get my medical records do too covid-19. I did speak with the victim at least in the eyes of the law she's the victim. She said she's really sorry for what she did she was just looking for a fast way to cope with her emotional problems but then ended up falling in love with me which is why she didn't tell me the truth. She says she's willing to be my witness in court if that what it takes to get me off but am very angery at the world and dont truest anyone now. She also current has a kid with a 26 year old men who she also lied too about her age. She is now 20 years old she give me her Facebook password to show me I can truest her and I find out she's Done this to maybe close to 50 men but none of them were ever arrested.
What should I do am facing years in jail after a girl I dated lied about her age?
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