I am overthinking this (romantic) situation. Can you help me?

I am 21 years old and I barely have any dating experience. I have dated a guy for one year and I have had some odd dates but that is it. I am still a virgin and it is not something I am necessarily ashamed of. I know I was not ready a couple of years ago and I am ready now. The only thing is that I am nervous how a guy would respond to this.
For the last two to three months I have been talking to a guy I met online. We haven’t met in real life yet because I want to FaceTime him first. He understood this and we are planning on FaceTiming for the first time somewhere this week. We have been talking about what we want and he told me that he (just like me) is interested in a serious, monogamous relationship not something casual. I asked him what type of person he is in relationships and he told me that he has never dated someone or even been on a date. Apparently he is not great in talking to women. I am aware of the fact that this does not necessarily mean that he is a virgin. We haven’t really talked about sex and he doesn’t know that I am virgin. He seems like a nice, relaxed guy who has said things like “why rush things when you have plenty of time?” so I have feeling that this would not really bother him but I am still
nervous to tell him eventually.
I am not planning on when I am going to tell him. I think when the topic arises I am just gonna be honest. I haven’t had sex yet and I am not on birth control. I am going to get an copper IUD when it is necessary.

What do you think? I am overthinking everything so I need the perspective of an outsider.

by the way English is not my first language so I might have made some mistakes.
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by the way If he is not a virgin I will ask him to wear a condom and get tested. That is not unreasonable is it?
I am overthinking this (romantic) situation. Can you help me?
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