Stages of touching on a date?

I've always had a problem with breaking the touch barrier when I'm dating someone, but I've somehow managed to stumble upon a decent way of doing it. By the first date, I want to start with the basic rubbing-arms, giving the hand a quick squeeze, etc. By date 3, I expect to be holding hands, and by date 6, we should have kissed. And from there, it's smooth sailing.

So my question is this:

Guys - when do you break the touch barrier?

Girls - what do you like to see happen? For example, is what I do too fast - or too slow - for what you prefer?

Any and all responses appreciated.

Oh, I understand that completely. It's not set in stone for sure. But since I have some trust issues, which lead to problems with breaking the touch barrier, I find it's helpful to have a "schedule" in my head, so she doesn't think I don't like her.


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  • Never really heard of set goals. It puts to much pressure. I never go on a date with set goals at what 'stage' we are at, if I'm in to the guy and he's in to me its just natural, otherwise if you plan its to fake and awkward lol!

  • I don't think you should make any necessary goals by the Date #... It should be about what feels right. If you hit it off and kiss on the first date, great! If it takes 5 dates, still great!


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