Would you kiss your coworker?

This is only a scenario (not a real event). Situation you are attached to a significant other. On the other, there is a co-worker that you are kind of attracted to who is also attached, one day your co-worker gets you alone and ask you if they can kiss you “just once” to see how it feels, no strings attached, no intent for anything more to come of it, just simply wanting to sample your kiss. Now here are your choices…

A. After the shock wears off you gladly accept the invitation and give them the best kiss you can manage.

B. You remain stunned and stammer you would love to but can’t because you have a significant other.

C. You kiss them with gusto and then wonder about them all the time and how it would be to go further.

Holy cow...didn't you read that this was not a real situation...just a scenario.


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  • B, without a doubt. I wouldn't tell him that I wish I could. I would actually be pissed off and annoyed.

    • Thanks for your response. Just to clarify I never said this was about a man only scenario...could be the other way around.

    • Oh no, I know. I'm just saying, from my point of view, I'm just looking at it as if it happened to me. I'm just saying if it happened to me, I would be pissed.

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  • B. Would definately refuse but I wouldn't say 'I would love too.'. I mean it's kind of like giving the guy false hope, that although I said no today, I might say yes tomorrow.

    Plus if I was attracted to another guy, I would question if my partner was the right one for me. I mean, for the right guy I would only have eyes for him.

  • B

    but honestly, I would never say I would love to. I'm not going to break up a relationship by cheating. he has a girlfriend. can't believe anyone would think doing that is OK. karma is a bitch. don't forget that

    • Holy Cow! Didn't you read that this was not a real situation...just a scenario. Not to mention is not male specific.

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