What are some simple dates that are low pressure for shy people?

I have not been on my first date yet so I need advice.


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  • movie, zoo. something that you guys can talk about

    • Those are good anything else you can think of.

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  • The park, a movie, a cup of ice cream, a flea market. Most day time things are easier sailing than a dinner date.

    • So I would just do something during the day

  • Group Dates work well because there are others around to help keep the convo going. And doing something like going bowling or to an amusement park is best because you can talk, but it's not as much pressure.

    • That is not really a date though in honesty

    • you asked for good dates for shy people. obviously shy people have a hard time keeping convo going which is why getting comfortable in a group setting first is usually easier. a date is whatever you want it to be.

    • I guess that is fair. I am not trying to shoot your answer down because I appreciate your answer it is just to me it seems as though that is more haning out with friends rather than a date.

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  • do somthing that you are good at or know a lot about so you can be more confident. Or go with friends the first couple time on a double date or group date. If you go to the movies you won't have to talk to much but that could be a bad thing. And the best advice I can give you is be confident because she obviously likes you or wouldn't be on a date with you so you don't need to impress her.

  • Dude, get som experience first go to a brothel

    • A brothel doesn't help peoples self esteem if anything it makes it worse because they know they had to pay for sex

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