I like one of my best friends brother, advice?

I'm 16 and he is 14, I no that sounds weird but he seriously looks like he is 17, he's like 6" etc. I have known him for a few months now, he is really mature for his age and he is really nice abd sweet to me! He is always there for me when I need a hug or advice for something! His sister (my bff) told me he likes me because he told her that I should go to their house more often! But I don't thinknshe would be happy if I dated him but I'm not sure how she will react! Do you think he likes me? Plus what do you think I should do, tell him how I feel or wait until he is older? Boys and girls answers please, thnx :) if any of you have the same experience as me please share it with me and how it turned out!:)


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  • Go for it girl. Why should she mind if you date her brother

    • I don't know haha! She doesn't really get along with him that well but their relationship is starting to improve and I don't want to ruin it!

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