The date is setup, how do I keep her interested?

It will be the first time we hungout outside of our parents family parties. And I don't know if I should b calling it a date. And now that we are both seniors in high school all it takes is finding some common ground. So I guess I'm just saying, that we are both a little shy around each other and I don't know what to expect. It could be a long dragged out date with uneventful conversation, in result us both being bored and waiting for it to all end. Last get-together we chilled for a bit while I waited for my mom to finish having fun but then she gave me a hug and ditched me for her friends who showed up late and uninvited. Should I just invite a ton of friends and make it a big thing or keep it just us two?

Q' for the lady's.

-so you known this kid your whole life and you invite him to ask you out anytime, why treat him like sh*t?

-do women know that cellphones work both ways? She texts/calls back but never initiates convo, it makes me feel like I appear deseperate...


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  • try a group setting, it makes it easier for everyone,

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