If men don't call right after a first date are they not interested?

I met a guy who had potential for the first time since my break up last year. He said he really like me and that I am smart, beautiful and talented and was very sexually attracted to me as well that was Friday, I told him we should do something sat or sun, and text him the next day to come out to a dance club with me and my friends and bro he said that his cousin was in town, we exchanged another text I asked him if I left my book at his place other than that he hasn't called today is Tuesday does that mean he is not interested?


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  • It means he's going slow.

    Girls always seem to say they want guys to call sooner.

    But here's the thing. It's one of those areas where guys have learned that women don't know what they want.

    Guys have learned, that if they call too soon, they get dumped.

    Girls SAY they want the guy to ring soon. But they don't. They dump those guys.

    Girls SAY they hate when the guy doesn't call. But they will go on another date with those guys when they call.

    Guys have learned this, sometimes through trial and error.

    If you don't like it, the fault lies with the contradictory nature of women, who can't decide or articulate what they really want.


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  • This is one of those double standards in dating that ruins it for everyone. If a man calls too soon, it makes him look needy and "eager" for the thrill to get laid. If a man waits too long, he's written off as a player or wasn't interested in you. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    In my experiences, I have found that women don't normally want to be bothered after a first date because the women are trying to evaluate if this will lead to something positive. Also, if the date failed, then the women doesn't want anything to do with him ever again. A follow up phone call just makes it worse.

    The solution is to set a specific phone date. A call back is positive, a no-show is not good.

  • Maybe you should watch the movie 'He's Just Not That Into You"

  • Some guys play games to hide their interest and not appear 'clingy'.

    • If this is the case how would I know?

    • Good question. The way I personally deal with gamers is that I have nothing to do with them. If she doesn't show interest, I move on.

    • And not all men are gamers. Likely you aren't attracted to the type of men who aren't.

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  • pretty much yes.. guys will tell you u are amazing but then just stop talking to you cold turkey.. it dosen't make sense but that is men. I say do not text him! if a week goes by and he never text then move one he isn't into u

    • That doesn't make much sence to me I don't believe I give off the impression that you have to tell me that you like me or else you will huirt my feelings, I try to be very personable and honest. What would be the motive behind that? Men and women both have motives for there interactions.

    • men just do it.. I don't know y he did it but they do.. just wait and see if he contacts you if he dosen't then you know the answer

  • difficult to say he is probably busy because his cousin was in town or with work. Give him time.