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Getting close to my besties ex boyfriend?

so basically, i went through a hard time in the last months and i wanted to make new friends, im pretty alone lately, and i remember my besties ex boyfriend, who is and was always very similar to me, they broke up 2 years ago, i had a relationship at that moment
in the last 2 weeks we talked about meeting up, just talking and having fun, but a few days ago we talked about that again, and he asked me if i would want him to stay till the next day and i said sure, this means he is going to sleep with me,
im really excited and i think i do want to get closer to him because we have a lot in common, but i also have a really bad feeling about doing this with my best friend. i dont know what to do, they dont talk anymore at all, but i know it was a hard breakup for the both of them. if she would get to know any of this she wouldn't talk to me for years i think.
what should i do?
Getting close to my besties ex boyfriend?
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