Guys: was he going for it?

I had a co worker tell me about a concert for a band we both <3 but I'm not sure if he meant it as a move or not? The convo. was online, but when he told me the date and I thought I couldn't go at first.

Did I shoot him down with out realizing it? When I told him 2 days later that I could go he seemed stoked but didn't mention anything about buying me a ticket or anything... The only weird thing is he brought his best guy friend and there is no way my co worker is gay.

for the record: this happened months ago.


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  • buy your own damn ticket.

    • thanks, u'r a big help /shakes head at rude, ignorance/

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    • ah the concert is over not yet future lol.

      i was not being rude or ignorant I just misunderstood the situation. something I'm sure you've never done in your life.

    • i try my darndest not too

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