Braces are holding me back?

I'll be in braces for another year. I've had them for a year already and I've never kissed anyone with them because I'm too self conscious and scared! I don't think I will be able to kiss well because of the braces and my overbite (I need jaw surgery to fix it). But I don't want to be single for so long :( I've had some guys interested in me but I'm always too shy. Any advice?


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  • I had braces and jaw surgery, surprisingly after surgery there isn't much pain during the recovery, and braces never stopped me from dating.


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  • HAHAHA (sorry) I had braces when I was 11 or something...but if you think that a little thing like braces will stop us males...well...I could call you crazy...or ask if you had been smoking wacky tobaccy...but I will just say: You R Wrong...

    • im scared of hurting them if they want to kiss me. Kissing is suposed to feel nice, not be painful.

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    • I won't have sex until later into a relationship and I'm comfortable around him. But he might not want to stay with me if I can't even kiss him.

    • Heh Heh! Kissing is part of sex..evidently you did not know that...but my point is..u can kiss..u can french kiss..unless they are manufacturing braces to be way more dangerous than when I was a boy...

      Maybe have to be a little more careful..but that is all...why do think that you cannot? If I am male (and I am ) I am looking past those braces at the female that I want access to...they are merely an obstacle in the road that needs to be dealt with and driven around.

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  • I had braces when I got my first boyfriend and had them for about another year, and they didn't interfere with kissing or anything. If a guy is interested in you, he obviously doesn't care about your braces, so don't let them stop you :)

  • I had braces before, I hated them.. but that didn't stop me from dating..

    If you act like there's not braces and act like its not a big deal when someone point them out, it bring out some confinance. Guys will act like its not a big deal, and dthat its not there also.

    I had many bfs with braces

  • Braces won't ruin your kissing, as long as the guy doesn't have braces. If you both have braces, it can get caught, but it can still happen.

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