Would you date someone with an opposite type personality? How do you think it would work?

A friend asked me this last night over the phone.

If you're extroverted, outgoing, louder, talkative, social, etc. how do you think it would work out if you dated an introverted, reserved, quieter, less social if not complete loner person? And vice versa.

WOuld you be open to it? Does the idea turn you off or do you think the opposites would balance out? Do you think two people should have the same personality types in a relationship? What problems do you think you would encounter?

lets hear it :)


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  • I couldn't date someone who was the complete opposite of me. I think that would really get on my nerves. I like a guy who is different from me in some ways, but still has some similarities. I can be pretty quiet when I first meet people so it's nice if he's very personable and can make conversation. However, I have a quick temper, and I can't be with someone who is also like that.


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  • Yeah I've dated a couple girls who were the "I can get along with anyone" type. It's good for me to be around people like that because left to my own devices I get a bit antisocial. I'm not looking for a girl version of myself. Part of the great thing about being with someone is that you get to lose yourself a bit in them and enjoy being part of something different.


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  • My boyfriend and I are total opposite. We have been together 4 years, but I see it as we both bring new things to the table for each other. I've done things I never would've done if it wasn't for him, and I have also shown him things that he wouldn't have done with out me. I think opposite couples are great. A learning experience for both :) It can have it's down side where you don't see eye to eye on some things, but it all works it's self out in the end.