How to resolve an on going fling?

A bit of a long story, but the main points are.

Known each other since we were 17, started texting I was into someone else stopped texting him abruptly.

Ended up living in the same town when we went to college.

Kissed once or twice, met up. He was rubbish at communicating with me.

Slept with each other, I am a commitmentphobe was quite cold with him. He never got in touch afterward although knowing full well we'd have to see each other again.

Months of drunken arguing/making out/arguing/making out

Slept with each other again a couple of months ago, he's gone travelling for the summer. Not communication afterward but is still pretty active on my Facebook, which I find bizarre.

Now, usually, this situation wouldn't bother me. But, I'm not one for enjoying not knowing where I stand. If it's a drunken hook up, that's fine. But when we are together he gets all deep and boyfriendy without really saying his intentions, he says things like "I've always liked you" / "You're incredible" etc. It's got to points in the past when I've just been like, tell it to me straight and the clever bastard has always been able to worm his way out of it saying things that stump me such as "well what do you want me to do?". He blamed his lack of communication on embarrassment and is constantly apologetic/tells me how he feels intimidated by my friends. What really gets me is the way he acts, the "I just want to cuddle in bed" bullsh*t that I quickly blow out of the water. I know for a fact I'm acting like this because he doesn't clearly care and I'm not going to get hurt, but it's too easy to pass up some drunken intimacy when it's this easy. And if I was the type of girl to want a boy to hold hands with down the street and would expect them to bend over backwards for me I'd understand why he was being soppy or why he was scared to get in contact, but I'm not, I'm up for something easy and we do get on really well.

Boys, give me a hand here. I'm having a drunken fling with a 21 year old man that has the characteristics of a 15 year old girl. This really needs to be resolved and I'm not sure how to do it.


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  • Let him know

  • Dump him

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