How can I get rid of this boredom and finally hangout with this girl?

I'm stuck at home, my mom took away my car and I don't live walking distance from any of my friends anymore.

And there's this girl I like, who sends me mixed signals like after not talking for a year she invites me to ask her out anytime.

Then I go over to her place during her parents party and she ditches me.

I brushed it off as if it didn't really hurt how I felt, because I've known her my whole life and I don't want it to change anything.

So after like a week I texted her and said "we should go to the beach or play some frisbee golf this week". She said sure and hasn't texted me back since. And now that I have no car and nothing to keep me busy, I'm stuck here wallowing in boredom on the internet. Do some girls refuse to initiate conversation or what? I love a chase but when I have nothing to follow I'm a poor tracker.


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  • Sounds like she's using you or is confused. I wouldn't dwell on it too much. I know its hard with not having a car, but try talking to other girls...or online dating if you can't go anywhere. Try It has a lot of great potential matches lol or if you just want to make friends. Hope that helps!


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