While kissing?


is there anything you like being done while being kissed?


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  • ok first if you're sitting down like at the movies try rubbing his inter thigh not too close to his dick but close enough to where it's a tease and also try rubbing his shoulders / back of the neck and try kissing him from his ear down to his neck. it's really sexy also tease him with your tongue and when you put it in his mouth let him make contact for about a second and then take it back out it will kill him and he will want you even more.

    also if you're standing up just interlock your fingers around his waist and pull him in tight like a really good hug and french kiss him make sure that you keep contact with his hips and chest he'll love it. and also if you want to spice it up move your hips side to side or forward and back in a slight grinding / thrusting way. it's really sexy.


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  • a good tit grab lol I'm kidding um long and slow.

  • Personally. fondle the butt. As for her. my hands are never lifeless while kissing a girl.


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