Summer fling, should I just go for it?

Ok so here's the deal- I'm at college for the summer, and this guy who goes to a different college is interning nearby and living with some of my guy friends. I think he's really cute, super confident, and really funny. Obviously I'm totally crushing on him, but I can't tell if he's directly flirting with me or that's just his personality. Summer's passing by and I really want to get the guts to say something to him, but I don't know how! Any advice on what to say to him? I don't want to sound desperate, but who doesn't love a little summer fling?


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  • initiate any conversation with him could work, but I'm not a rocket scientist... lol not to be too rude.. hahaha

  • First sentence in and the verdict is NO. Not if he's living with your other guy friends. Dealbreaker right there. I already know you're not going to listen to me so I'll lay out what may happen. You f*** him, and there he is all summer long talking about it and you with your guy friends. Imagine the potential for awkwardness with everyone involved. Next thing you know everyone knows you do anal. Or you're a terrible lay. Or if you go a little crazy... everyone gets to see it. Or now your guy friends want to pass you around. You're not Ms Anon, the friend... you're Ms Anon, she may lick my asshole, I hear she's into that.

    Dont sh*t where you eat. If you're going to f*** a guy, he shouldn't have any connections to your social groups. That's a rookie mistake.

    • haha well that's not what I wanted to hear. I'm not a slut so no worries about being known as the girl who licks assholes. .. I like the two comments below a little betterr\

    • I don't think you're a slut. I just don't want you being perceived as anything negative by your male friends. Or rumors, or any of that business.

      The safest thing to do is mess around with a guy with no connections to your social/work life.

    • Yea I hear ya. It's just that i:m not the type to quickly fall for guys, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about this dude

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