What does it mean if a girl is going on loads of dates with her girlfriends?

Or what does it suggest?

Also is it leaning more towards she's happy being single or towards she wants to be in a relationship?

I should be clearer. I mean like official dates like you'd have with a guy but with her girl friends. She announces them on Facebook and everything, and they go for dinner dates and stuff. They're not lesbians. I highly doubt that all three, maybe more, of them are lesbians.


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  • I think its very different from individual til individual. Can only speak for myself, and I usually like hanging out with my friends the first times I meet a guy. I think its easier getting to know I guy in a friendly atmosphere than if you are alone and both are nervous and it gets a bit awkward. I start dating him individual when I'm sure I like him and that we can hang out on our own. But I guess that is a cowardly way to go. I might also be misreading what you said and you meant that she spend a lot of time alone with her girlfriends and then it doesn't have to have anything to do with her dating-life. I love hanging out with my girlfriends on girls-nights irrespective of I'm single and happy/unhappy that way or if I'm seeing someone.


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  • She is secretly a lesbian.