Choose between Boyfriend and Family?

Help: My father has told me that I need to make the decision, My Family or My Boyfriend. I have no idea what to do. My father stated that I am not being treated properly, that my boyfriend does not love me the same way I love him, that he is using me, that I am suffering emotional abuse.

I will say that I have in the past felt that he does not love me as strongly as I love him, but he told me for him it takes time, that I need to let his love grow.

We need to work on our communication, so when my father states that I am not being treated fairly it is actually because I will come home upset because of an emotional disconnect.

My boyfriend and I have been more open with each other over the past month then in our entire relationship, but my parents have decided that I need to move on, that I keep trying to repair a broken relationship. In my eyes my boyfriend and my relationship is moving slower then my parents would have thought, and I think they partially feel I should move on 'because I am wasting my time'.

I also don't think that it helps that I still live at home.

Advice Please!
Choose Family, they will always be there for you.
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Choose Boyfriend, your family will forgive you later on.
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Move out and get a new perspective on things.
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+1 y
We had actually looked at places together, but did not find something affordable that we both liked. Though he has never asked me to move in or offered me a key.
+1 y
Not sure why that update posted 3 times, sorry.
Choose between Boyfriend and Family?
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