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I recently joined PoF and have gone of a few dates so far, another one tonight and another Sunday.

So for those of you that use PoF here are some questions, do you go on dates with people you aren't sure you are attracted to? I mean this girl has great personality and seems cool, but her pics I'm not sure about, do you still give them a chance or not waste time unless you are 100% attracted to them?

Also how many people do you chat with or go on dates with at a time? OK, bad wording, not at once, but how many are on the go?

Say you go on a date and there is no instant connection or you're not sure what to think, do you see them again or move on?

This PoF thing is new to me and different from what I'm used to so I wonder about these things.

PoF=Plenty of Fish


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  • I don't think I would go out with someone whom I was not attracted to. There has to be physical attraction or you have nothing. That's hard to get past.

    I also do not think you should go on a 2nd date if there wasn't a connection. Why get someone's hopes up? Now, if you aren't sure & think maybe you should find out, then go out again and see.

    As for serial dating, I don't know. I kinda think that's tacky. One at a time. Maybe two a weekend. But what if you go out with someone on a Friday & they are great & want to see them on Sat. & you already made a date for Sat.? Ah! See, you already would have blown it.

    And don't tell them you'll see them again or call them if you won't. Not cool. If it didn't work out for you , just say thank you for the nice time. That's it. They'll know.

    • 2 dates a weekend is enough for me, I may have made it sound like I was having more than that. The girl from last night was cuter then her pics and we had a great time, but I'm not sure she is my type. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, she may just be friends material.

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  • I say if you like her personality meet her In Person at least once. not everyone is photogenic and who knows you might hit it off and find her attractive after getting to know her more. Just initially meet at a coffe shop or something.

  • one at a time for me.. and I usually don't see them after the first date if there's no chemistry/ attraction, but I give it a chance by going out with them at least once (ONLY if I am a *bit* attaracted to them, if it's zero attraction, then no date)..

    another thing, I make it clear that the first meeting is not a date, it's meeting that person to see if there's something that could make us go on our first date ;)


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  • PoF?

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