I know this may sound stupid but?

I have never made-out before, but the guy I'm seeing has. I've kissed guys before but never had any tongue action haha. Can guys notice if a girl is a good kisser or not, or has kissed like that before? He knows I've never made-out but is determined to kiss me still. Do guys like girls who haven't had too much experience so they can teach them, and be their first to try things with? Please help! Thanks :)


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  • Don't worry too much, he'll basically guide you through the kiss, just go with it and let it flow. Over thinking it is what might mess up the kiss.

    I was in the same situation, never ever kissed a guy but no one knew, then my boyfriend started coming in, I just started laughing cause I was so nervous and worried, eventually though I just went with it and let him guide me and now it's all good.

    Basically RELAX and since he knows you've never made out he shouldn't be expecting the best kisser in the world.


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