When is he going to set up a date?

So I met this guy about a week ago, got on really well, he's lovely.

He sent me a text this week to catch up, we ended up texting for two hours about random things.

I invite him out to drink w me and my friends last night but he said he's staying in and would rather see me one on one.

A. Am I coming off too strong?

B. Why is he taking ages to ask me out!


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  • A. no you are not. I think he didn't feel like getting out of the house that day or he was a little scared because he only knows you and not your friends. I wouldn't go either if I where him. you don't know anyone and you don't have the time to be his talking partner 100% of the time.

    B. why don't you ask him out? send him a text about him rather wanting to see you one on one and suggest something to do.

    • thanks! your first point is so valid.

      this evening (Saturday) I asked him how his weekend was going, and we got in a good little chat. he asked me what I am up to tonight, and I said no plans and asked him what he is doing. he said he wasn't sure but was gonna get wasted @ the pubs...

      lol what? why isn't he asking me out?:/

    • mmh I don't know. maybe he is just oblivious or thinks you just want to stay home? guys don't really get hints from girls

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