Why is my ex texting me?

My ex and I have been broken up for 2 years. We have never had any issues and have always been ok with one another. Well, just yesterday morning he decided to text me (after 2 months of not seeing each other). We talked and he asked if he could call me later that night. When he did, he didn't seem very happy, but much more annoyed. He even kept the conversation to 5 mins. When he asked me what I was going to college for, I told him and he seemed to kind of put it down by teling me it was really hard (he has the same occupation). He told me he just wanted to see how I was doing. I never indicated to him or anyone that I wanted to talk to him. I'm not sure why he did text or call if he was going to be weird about it. Why is he doing this?


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  • That's difficult to assess. I think he just maybe is lonely and wants someone to talk to? Just ask him directly would be the best solution. If you guys ended on a good terms, there shouldn't be any thing he should be calling you up for.or maybe he just wanted to check up on you. idk.