There are always such long gaps (over a week) between each date and I am wondering if this is a bad sign?

So I started seeing this guy a couple weeks ago, we have been out on two dates and I also went to a party at his place after the first date. We ended up making out a little at the party, and then spent almost 3 hours making out the last time we saw each other. I really feel that he is into me because he just didn't want to say goodbye after the last date... and neither did I, which is why we ended up making out until neither of us had any breath left.

Anyway, he sent me a message a couple days after our last date saying he had a good time and I replied saying we should do it again and asked when he was free next. The he asked if I was free next Sunday... which to me seems like such a long time to wait. There are always such long gaps (over a week) between each date and I am wondering if this is a bad sign? Shouldn't he want to see me more often? And would I appear needy if I asked him if he wanted to get together before then?


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  • three possibilities:

    1) he is a player and sees other girls in the gap periods

    2) he is a busy guy and has stuff to do each day or feels less pressured if its on a weekend (which he may be busy on majority of the time because those are when he schedules things)

    3) he's playing it cool and doesn't want to seem to eager incase you're not too interested

    usually if theyre very interested they will get involved as much as possible but some will back off a bit to see how you take things. he also may have a slower pace them some possibly due to getting hurt in the past by someone he really cared about.

    if you're really curious (and brave) ask him about the random collection of dates he throws out at you to see you.

    • Well the first couple dates I know he was busy, he was away on business for a week and I have also been busy... I just thought that since we both have the time now to see each other more than just one a week he would be eager to.

    • if that eagerness isn't there he may not be that into you