My guy friend thinks I Like him- but I dont, advice?

How do you tell a guy that thinks you like him that you don't? We have only just met but have been inseperatable. I'd like to stay close friends. When we first met we decided to not get together- I told him no- he agreed(I dated his brother- he dated my friend) he's seeing other girls and I'm seeing other boys but today he texted saying he was thinking of canceling plans with me to go out with this girl he doesn't like- so I told him it wasn't cool but he might as well go otherwise he'll resent hanging out with me. Then he text back saying you know we can't be together... Blah blah.

I don't get it? I'm the one who turned him sown in the beginning

I want to stay close friends with him- he's lovely- but how do I get him to know that's all I want


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  • Just tell him flat out. Guys appreciate a bit of candor.

    • I totally have! The first time I met him he was so wasted he was begging me to come home with him/ even though I had been with his brother and he was with my best friend- and multiple times since then I've said nothing is going to happen.

      He's got a lot of stuff happening at the moment so I'm trying to be there for him- maybe Its that? He thinks I dig him because I'm trying to be a good supportive friend?

    • If you've already told him, then it's on him now. He'll either get it, and you can be friends, or he won't, and you'll drift apart.

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  • Tell him that you only see him as a friend, originally I was going to tell you to be kind but he said ''you know we can't be together'' so I changed my mind.