He hasn't called yet, how come?

I met this guy Saturday. I didn't give him my number but I got his. I called him on Monday [too soon?] and we talked for a little bit. He told me he'd call on Tuesday. Tuesday came and went. He never called. It is now Wednesday 5:00pm and I still haven't heard from him. What's going on? I know he could be busy but even too busy for a quick text or something? I hate to sound desperate. I'm just interested in this guy. He's nice. Should I wait for him to call? Or just call him?

ha! He did end up calling like.around 6. He apologized for not calling Tuesday. His day was busy. But we talked and we're gonna get together this weekend. Awesome!


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  • it was not too soon to call on monday. also your gonna have to learn this with a lot of guys no matter how importent something is to them they might forget it lots of the time you can call him he will proberbly appologize for not calling and that he forgot don't bring it up though

  • i knew I was right have a good day


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