Girls, kiss on the first date?

I know some girls like it and some don't

So do you?

And do you know if there's any signs she wants a kiss or not?

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  • I don't expect to kiss a guy on a first date. But I guess signs woukd be looking into your eyes, standing a little closer than normal, flirting. I think youd know.

    I thought my current boyfriend (been 9 months) was forward at the end of our first date when I was about to get on the train and he asked "may I kiss you". I was surprised but nodded and we had a little kiss. I thought it was very sweet and respectful that he asked first so I didn't mind, but I wasn't expecting it. Looking back I think it was adorable!

    All girls are different and I guess it depends on how the dates gone, when in doubt, why not ask?


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  • If it was a great date and there's chemistry, why not? I actually usually initiate it, haha, so I can't really help you with "signs" girls give. I date pretty shy guys, so I just go for it because I know he probably won't get up the courage to :) No big deal.

  • Personally I don't see anything wrong with kissing on a first date, I probably would if he went I for one ? I think it myt give him another thing to remember about me :P also you will know if she likes you, so if it feels right just do it :P bring her home though :L

  • Yeah I'd like it :)

    • I assume accepting going to a date automatically means you like him a little. Hypothetically speaking, say you go to hang out with someone and he/she mistakes it for a date or it's a "pity" date.

      What happens in:

      1) You actually enjoyed the kiss and started to like him/her more

      2) You didn't want a kiss at all

      Just curious.

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    • There are guys who simply rape your mouth with their tongue and I'm not kidding. No wonder women turn bi... I think some girls oversee this if they like the guy enough or are very willing to give him another chance.

    • Hmm yeah that's pretty true :D I hope my answer is truthful 0_o **gulp**

  • yes if I liked the guy

  • she wants a kiss if she leans in and looks into your eyes or is overly touchy

    but I wouldn't want a kiss on the first date so I keep everything to a minimum

  • i am old fashioned I guess as I voted "No" . reason being is that the date may have not went the way I expected or liked. so not to be it complex I wouldn't kiss him. but if it went well then if he was lucky I would let him peck me a kiss. haha. I'm just not comfortable with the full on kiss unless I know him very we are mates who decided to give it ago, then maybe at a push.


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