If he looks at you whilst kissing another girl..

I see a guy around all the time at uni, he's friends with one of my friends and I know he's noticed me when I've looked at him when we're out. I always seem to come across him.. probably just a coincidence. Anyway, last night he was with our mutual friend and he said sorry for someone standing on my foot, touched my waist etc, then smiled at me again later in the night...

then, whilst getting with another girl, looked at me and smirked. Then, kissed her, and smirked at me again when they were dancing. WHAT?! I don't understand at all.


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  • Lol such a player. He's doing these things to see how interested you are in him. He's just playing games, and he wants to know that you really want him. He's just fooling around and testing you. I hate it when guys do that and usually when I see that, I end up losing interest because its annoying and childish. He definitely wants something, with the waist thing, but I'm not sure if its a good something for you.


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